How important is Newsletter?

Before I tell you how important a newsletter is for your business, let me give you a little scenario: a mother offers feed to her newborn only when her newborn cries. This makes my point clear that people would come to you only when you will make them know what services you are providing or what products you are here to offer.

Your newsletter will offer many positive outcomes. By having a printed newsletter to send to clients, contacts, friends, family and business leads, you can promote your business or project. This allows you to engage with your audience in a very easy way and to have a two-way dialogue.

Whether you have created newsletters before or if this is the first one, it can be easy to achieve a great outcome with just a little planning and assistance.

Getting started

The first thing to do if you want to print a newsletter is identify why you want to create the newsletter, who you will send it to, what will go into the newsletter and how many copies you need. Speak to a professional printing company about your options for printing in terms of size, cost and turnaround times. A good printing company should over a professional service, answer your questions and get a newsletter produced in good time.

Also decide is this newsletter going to be weekly, fortnightly or monthly? The answer will depend on whom you are sending the newsletter to, and what you are putting in your newsletter.

What goes in a newsletter?

You can put all sorts of things in a newsletter related to your business and indirectly related to it. For instance, a fish and chips shop might directly include a news on benefits of eating fish which will effect his business directly but also may include an unusual fish captured somewhere on some other country. This may not bring any direct profit to his company but will make his newsletter interesting and will make people actually read it. This may also leave people with a long time memory of unusual fish news in their mind and your shop name will be complementary related to it. A great benefit of printing a newsletter is that it is so tangible. People will feel, touch, read and maybe even cut out parts of it.

Use this great opportunity to talk about your business or project, what service you offer, what potential clients need to do to engage your services or get your products. You can also use the newsletter to promote existing clients that you might have in what is called an advertorial.

Or you can feature events you are hosting, events you have been to, new product lines, client testimonials and general business news.  You can feature expert articles and show your skills and expertise.

Creating the newsletter

Once you have created a rough draft and know the printing options, get creating. You might create the newsletter yourself in powerpoint or Word for example, or you might engage a professional design company to create it for you. This is up to you, but the main thing is to create a well-written and designed newsletter that people will engage with.

Make sure you proof the newsletter carefully. Whether you have created it yourself or someone else has done it for you, checking the newsletter before it goes to print is vital. It’s easy to make small spelling errors or design mistakes. Perhaps get someone else to check it so there is a fresh pair of eyes looking over it before it goes to print.

Printing a distribution

Now your newsletter is ready, you can send it to your contact list. Decide if you will mail the newsletter, hand deliver, or distribute through a courier service.

Then sit back and relax as people enjoy your newsletter. Keep them engaged and you will find that people would really start noticing you and would look forward to come to you.

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