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If you do not work 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year, then you need a sign. A huge and appealing sign. Do you know that a person while walking or driving near your sign have a time span of 3-5 seconds to know about your business and make decision to visit you. Yes, that all processing just takes few mili-seconds to make a conclusion and pass information from his eyes to his brain. So you need to give it a very serious consideration.

A famous saying that is, first impression is the last impression, works perfectly here. A person judges your business by first looking to your sign and to your presentation. No one walks in straight way to ask, what you do or if he will give his money to you if you are not able to express your business to him. Normally I have seen people running with getting their signs done in hurry and the obvious reason is that they have not thought about it beforehand. So think on time of giving a signage, a major role in your advertising. Once installed, it will work day and night to advertise your business and add value to it.

As you never know when a customer with high potential drives near your business, you should make sure some one is always there to publicize about what you do. Now once he reads your sign, he needs to find you and meet you. So in this step, your artwork on the sign must be intelligent enough to easily guide him all the way to you. Keep in mind that your sign should be visible and the artwork on it should complement it. Take a scenario where a person installs a huge sign of 10m X 10m size, but he installs it inside a small laneway sandwiched between 2 huge buildings where only a walking crowd can pass. So here a small 1mX1m sign would be more striking then a huge sign to which no one will look at which might give him or her neck pain. So keep in mind that you should mention what is important in ‘easy words’ so people workout quickly what you are dealing in.

Don’t be confused with the sign. Don’t use text too small so it’s hard to read. People would better leave it then to read it. Use normal fonts when providing information then using curvy fonts and making people take time and wondering what you told them in start of the topic.

Now as we much talked about the static signs, there are other ways too where you can get yourself noticed which is, getting your vehicle stickers. Don’t you get bored when driving on roads and that is why you need something to look at different then normal cars. It is same with others sharing road with you. Get some effective signs on your vehicle for others to increase their grey matter. A sticker on back glass of the window and one on each side is a great ROI. I always tell my customers that even if people see your logo, they will get it stored somewhere in their photographic memory. So next time if they come to you, even if on first time they didn’t read about what your business offers, still they will be able to link themselves to your business. Your business will make them feel known, gain their unspoken trust and they would give you preference over the others whom they saw first time, even if both of you are first time dealing with that client. For instance, if you go to a supermarket, you are more likely to buy a product of which you have seen advertisements then the product which you have never seen before, no matter how much more qualities the other product claims to contain then the first one.

So now that we have discussed what a signage can do to your business, you may go for different products like A-Frames, window graphics, decals, window stickers, light boxes, PVC outdoor banners, colourbond sheets, 3d letters or 3d signs. In a concluding line, I would like to mention that signage is an influential source for your advertising yet how inexpensive it is when you evaluate its advantages.


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